Bird Lovers Special (4d/3n): $600


Observation Tower

Day 1:
15:30 – Arrive at port of Misahaulli
The adventure begins in the early afternoon upon your arrival to the small river port of Misahualli, located about an hour southeast of Tena at the confluence of the Misahualli and Napo rivers. There you will be received by a member of the AJL staff. Then you will travel in motorized canoe down the Napo River to the mouth of the Arajuno River. Your canoe then takes you up the Arajuno River until you arrive at AJL mid- to late afternoon. You will be welcomed with a delicious fruit punch, an orientation and a short hike to catch the evening birds.

19:00 – Dinner
Following a delicious meal, depending on the weather, we will light a bonfire on the beach or take a night hike into the jungle to see what birds and other creatures we might find out there.

22:00- Evening
As your day winds down, you can choose to sit around the dining hall, conversing over a class of wine while watching the river flow by, or take that class of wine to the top of the birding tower and enjoy the stars. Or sit out in one of the hamocks on the bluff overlooking the river and listen to the night sounds of the jungle. At your call, turn in for the night to your cabin for a good night’s sleep in a clean, comfortable bed.

Day 2:
06:00 – Morning Coffee or Tea
We will rise and shine early for coffee or tea to get you going for the early morning bird watch. Morning birding is best between 6:30-8:30 a.m. You can make your sightings either comfortably perched on top of our riverside observation tower or by a short easy walk along the river in our agro-forestry zone near the cabins.

09:00 – Breakfast
After breakfast, we venture into the primary forest to visit the home of the “Screaming Piha,” a rather inconspicuous bird but very vocal. This piha has one of the best known and most powerful voices of any bird in the Amazon basin, but nonetheless is often a frustrating bird to see, even when one is calling right in front of you! It is almost always found at one of the many huge trees in the area. The remainder of the morning will be spent looking for the secretive birds of the primary forest. We will probably hear many more birds than see. During the hike, we will arrive at a small clean river where we will play, swim and watch the beautiful metallic blue “morpho” butterflies pass by

13:30 – Lunch
Returning to the lodge mid-afternoon, you will enjoy an exquisite meal of local fish prepared native-style, wrapped in leaves and slowly cooked and smoked over over a smoldering fire, along with an assortment of veggies. After lunch you will be free to relax or explore the self-guided trails near your cabin. The birding picks up again around 4:30 p.m. and lasts until 6:30 p.m. In late afternoon, the observation tower is very popular for evening birding and, of course, a nice glass of wine while watching the sunset.

19:00 – Dinner
After dinner, its back to the night birds or just relaxing as you please.

Day 3:
06:00 – Morning Coffee and Tea
Once again, you begin with a good cup of coffee or tea to begin the morning bird watch and catching any species we missed the morning before.

07:00 – Float and Breakfast
We will begin with a comfortable float down the lazy Arajuno River to the Napo River. Breakfast is served while floating down the river. This float is planned specifically to observe bird species along the river and adjacent riparian zone of the Arajuno River and the much larger Napo River. Included on this float, near the mouth of the Arajuno River, we will visit a unique native museum and AmaZOOnico, an animal rescue project where we will talk birds with the staff. Later, we will motor back up river and return to the Lodge.

02:00 – Lunch

19:00 – Dinner
Dinner is served at 7 pm.

Day 4:
06:00 – Morning Coffee and Tea
The final day we will take one last shot at the morning birds between 6 and 8:30 a.m.

09:00 – Breakfast and Farewell
After breakfast, you can take your time preparing your gear and relaxing until it is time to float a short distance down to the bridge over the Arajuno River. From here, you will continue your journey to wherever you are going.

Additional days maybe arranged in advance at the rate of $25 per person per night in cabins, $10 per night in tents, $12.50 per additional meal per person.