Cultural Tour (4d/3n): $575

Day 1:
15:30 – 
Arrive to the Arajuno River bridge
You package begins with a short canoe ride up the Arajuno river to Arajuno Jungle Lodge. You are welcomed by the owner with a delicious snack and healthy jungle tea. After getting installed into your cabin, you will have time to relax or swim in the river before taking a short orientation hike and talk about the nature of the local Kichwa indigenous lifestyles and their interaction with nature as well as some of the sustainable development and conservation projects we are working on.

19:00 Dinner
After dinner you can sit around the campfire and listen to an elderly Kichwa woman telling tales and singing songs in her native language, with a translator, before settling into your cabin for a good hot shower and sleep.

Day 2
06:00 – Early morning campfire, guayusa tea and more Kichwa tales.

08:00- Breakfast

09:00 -Community visit
We will motor up river to visit a native Kichwa community. There you have the opportunity to participate in native dances with the village children, taste the many flavors of authentic jungle food all of which you have probably never seen or heard of before. You will learn to make your own chocolate, participate in an authentic shamanic cleansing ceremony, practice the art of spear chucking and launching darts through a real blowgun. The native women will share their skills in jungle food preparation and well as making handicrafts from materials found only in the jungle.

13:30 – Lunch
After lunch you are free to relax or explore the self-guided trails near your cabin, go swimming as well as go tubing, a relaxing float down the river back to the lodge.

19:00 – Dinner

Day 3
06:00 – Early morning campfire, guayusa tea and more Kichwa tales

08:00 – Breakfast

09:00 – Primary forest hike.
This hike gives you the opportunity to learn more about the interaction between local native populations, the natural resources they rely on, the crops and medicinal plants they cultivate to maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. You lean the difference between secondary and primary forest as well as the basic elements of a native “chakra” or garden, how it is prepared, planted and harvested.

13:00 – lunch

14:00 – 
We take you on a canoe ride down river all the way down to the mouth of the Arajuno river where it enters into the Napo river, a major tributary to the Amazon river. Included in this outing is a visit to the Amazoonico, an animal rescue project where you can see a wide variety of animals at various stages of rehabilitation to return them to the wild. Amongst these animals are several species of parrots, parakeets, macaws and other birds as well as Caimans, wild pigs, anacondas, tapirs, turtles, monkeys and more. From Amazoonico we will venture to another location where, with any luck at all, we will see wild Hoatzins along a lagoon on an island near the Napo River.

19:00 – dinner

Day 4
9 am – Breakfast and Farewell
After breakfast, you will take a short canoe ride back to the Arajuno river bridge to continue your journey to wherever you are going.