Deluxe Jungle & Rafting Adventure (4d / 3n): $615

Day 1: 
15:30 – Arrive
Your package begins at the Arajuno river bridge about 45 minutes from Tena. From the bridge you travel up river via canoe a short distance to the lodge. You have time to settle in and rest while enjoying a fantastic view of the Arajuno River. Before dinner, we will take you on a learning walk to view the conservation and sustainable development projects which are supported by the Arajuno visitors.

19:00 – Dinner
After dinner, you may select an optional night-walk activity. We will be bug hunting, frog watching and, if we are lucky enough, some reptiles might be seen.

22:00- Evening
As your day winds down, you can choose to sit around the dining hall, conversing over a class of wine while watching the river flow by, or take that class of wine to the top of the birding tower and enjoy the stars. Or sit out in one of the hamocks on the bluff overlooking the river and listen to the night sounds of the jungle. At your call, turn in for the night to your cabin for a good night’s sleep in a clean, comfortable bed.

Day 2:
08:00 – Breakfast
After a scrumptious breakfast, prepare yourself for immersion into the fascinating Primary Rainforest. Along the trail, our expert naturalists will teach you about the ecology and provide stories about the primary rainforest. You will observe a great variety of insects, a diversity of birds flying around us and, with some luck, other animal species such as sloths and reptiles. While walking through crystal creeks you will have the opportunity to find several aquatic species such as fish, fresh water shrimp, crabs and more. Our goal on this walk is to reach the «Twin Towers,» a pair of the oldest and largest trees in the primary rainforest.

13:30 – Lunch
Back at the lodge, you will enjoy a native-style lunch, called maito, made from locally grown fish wrapped in leaves and slowly smoked over an open fire- a true delicacy. When lunch is over, you will have time to relax or practice the lovely custom of siesta for about an hour. After the siesta, a variety of optional activities are offered such as fishing, swimming on the Arajuno River, or playing with our kayaks.

19:00 – Dinner
You will receive another gourmet treat from our chef and then, if you are up for it, you can experience a breathtaking launch from our 30-foot tree-mounted swing at dark!

Day 3:
For bird lovers, a bird watching activity is offered early in the morning before breakfast.

08:00 – Breakfast
After our delicious breakfast, we will take a short walk back to the main road where a native community is located. While walking, our naturalists will explain the differences between primary rainforest and secondary rainforest. We will also have an opportunity to see how locals practice agriculture. Then we will take a local bus for a 20-minute ride to a place called Puerto Baranjilla, where a canoe will take us to the Animal Rescue Center called “Amazoonico.” You will see a wide variety of monkeys, macaws, ocelots, capybara, toucans, parrots and much more.

13:00 – Lunch
Enjoy a relaxed picnic lunch on the beach and maybe some swimming before we begin our journey back to the Arajuno Lodge.

19:00 – Dinner
After dinner, a bonfire on the beach awaits you for a night of laughing and singing.

Day 4:
06:00 – Breakfast

07:00 – Departure
We say good bye to the Arajuno Jungle Lodge after an early morning breakfast. You will travel back to Tena, then on to another part of the jungle for the start of your rafting adventure on the Upper Napo River, also known as the Jatuyacu River, which means “Big Water” in Quichua. BIG is probably the best word to describe this river: Big waves and tons of fun! This jungle river shows no signs of contamination as it flows from the Llanganates National Park – an extremely rugged and uninhabited mountain range believed by some to be the hiding place of Inca gold.
Before launching into the river, you will receive a brief explanation about the trip and important safety measures that must be considered. Arranged through Rios Ecuador, this amazing journey for beginner and expert rafters alike is the perfect combination of exciting rapids and calm natural pools, not to mention the wonderful surrounding jungle scenery. The Napo River, one of the principal tributaries of the great Amazon River, is a must when visiting our lodge! No rafting experience is necessary to enjoy this ride.

12:00 – Lunch
You will have a freshly prepared picnic lunch on the river bank, and then continue down river.

16:00 – End of Float and Return to Tena
We will drive back to the city of Tena after a day of great adventure filled with adrenaline and excitement.

Additional days maybe arranged in advance at the rate of $25 per person per night in cabins, $10 per night in tents, $12:50 per additional meal per person.